Seminars (English spoken)

We organize 1 – 2 – 3  day (s) English spoken public seminars with the theme Differentiation Selling® – Selling Services and Solutions in Competitive Markets.

Winning new clients is in essence breaking patterns. When selling services, the interaction you have the first time you meet the client is decisive. You guide the client in their purchasing decision: do we change or not?
The sales techniques can be learned and is converted to your sales context during the seminar.

Client References

Learning points:
– How you can exert influence through your sales technique.
– How to create an interactive process, so your clients/prospects consider a change. 
– How to use process-oriented questions, adapted to your context. These form the mind- and skillset for the Differentiation Selling method.

Date, Time and Location: upon request (Europe, Nordics, Asia, UK and US)

For whom? : In the following cases Differentiation Selling makes the difference for you

The Seminars are interactive: without dialogue, no change .
Therefore no beamers, no powerpoint presentations.
Instead, you’ll receive the practical ‘Differentiation Selling’ manual and lot of practical new insights you will discover yourself (based on your experience) and which you can apply immediately.

The training is a sales process itself!

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