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I help service providers, solution sellers and advisors in commoditized markets to differentiate themselves through the sales process or by the way they sell, even though they have 100+ competitors.

In these markets, customers often go shopping or negotiate with 3 suppliers at once or they do not respond to marketing campaigns anymore.
These customers are therefore no longer open to your distinctive or value-added advice. The choice for a particular type of supplier seems to have already been made.
This situation occurs in the field of consultancy, financial services, IT, engineering, advertising, HR, many wholesalers, technical salespeople and advisers, …

I train and mentor sales people with 0 to 40 years of experience to get real breakthroughs in closing deals, allowing  customers make purchase decisions faster and more in depth.  (+ 300% and more)

• Designer of the Sales Training Program: ‘Selling Without Talking About Your Product’
• Financial and Expert Advisors + Services Industry (HR, Facility, IT, Engineering, Advertising, …)
• Research Solution Sales – Selling Scientific Solutions – Solutions for Selling Innovations

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Mentor & Coach

I help Startups make their first paying customers and going from 0 to 40-50 -… customers (proven results, references upon request)

  • Mentor at Durf Ondernemen = Center of Expertise for Student Entrepreneurship  of UGent – University of Ghent
  • Mentor at Start it@KBC : supports and promotes innovative and scalable entrepreneurship and, with over 370 startups, is Belgium’s largest startup community. (
  • Mentor at Bizidee : for the laureates of the business plan contest – I help startups make their first paying customers. = the business plan contest with support of the Flemish Government.
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René Knecht

ICT-Connecting bvba
T +32 497 48 38 52
Muinkkaai 45
9000 Gent – Belgium