Are you offering clients the chance to change their mind? We spoke about the dialogue required for this in the previous newsletter. Make the change as comfortable as possible. Brain research has shown that our desire to conform comes from the evolution of our reptilian brain. People associate change with danger and so develop resistance to it. In his book “The Dip”, Seth Godin uses this explanation to say why our society increasingly strives for moderation, and avoids or punishes innovators. Most clients simply don’t want new, better, faster…

Selling is a change management problem

  • Change originates in dialogue. In a moment of pause/standstill. Timing is extremely important.
  • As a sales person you can learn the skills needed to create a cooperative process, and so allow the client to make a decision.
  • This decision can either be in your favour, or against it. You will have to accept the latter; otherwise there is no space or freedom to make a decision, and so also no dialogue.
  • There is no sale without dialogue.

The sales person is therefore the decisive factor.

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